Mpho Nchabeleng

Mpho Nchabeleng

Mpho Nchabeleng

Marketing Manager

Mpho’s love for science while in high school, more than a quarter of a century ago, landed her in the field of healthcare. She graduated as both a Diagnostic and Nuclear Medicine Technologist and has worked in both private and public health sectors for more than 18 years.

Although she enjoyed her work as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, she knew it was not the profession she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She was seeking more and something different but wasn’t sure what that was.

Patient care has always been a passion for Mpho. Seeing a patient walk out smiling, even after being subjected to the many tests and long waiting hours which is the nature of Nuclear Medicine scans, always made her day. It made Mpho feel like she was making an impact in the patient’s lives, no matter how small it might have seemed.

When Mpho got the opportunity to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration at Wits Business School, she was thrilled. After graduating she joined Maisha Medical as both a director and executive responsible for Marketing. Her passion for patient care was rekindled as she was again able to reach out to customers through Maisha Medical’s products and services. The beneficiaries of their products and services are patients, but this time around, they are patients with wounds. Her biggest reward is when she sees a patient’s wounds getting healed after using their products and their life being restored back to normal, or at least near normal.

“Having good quality products in our product portfolio is, therefore, our passion at Maisha Medical. We always strive to improve people’s lives by redefining wound care through our product offering.”

Mpho loves spending time with family, travelling and learning about different cultures. Being a mum is another fulfilling role she deeply enjoys.